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About Lindvart Park

John Julius Lindvart was a prominent farmer and landowner in the Kaikohe area, who, at his death in 1930, bequeathed $2,000 for the purchase and upkeep of a public recreation ground for the inhabitants of Kaikohe.

Problems with the estate meant that the Public Trustee was not able to pay out the total amount of Lindvart’s reserve land bequest until two decades after his demise, in the 1950s.

Much of the reserve land comprising Lindvart Park was purchased in the early 1930s by the then Kaikohe Town Board as Kaikohe Recreation Ground.

Amendments to the terms of Lindvart’s will in the 1950s enabled his original bequest to be used for the upkeep of the reserve.

The name was officially changed to Lindvart Memorial Park in 1951. An additional seven hectares, locally known as Rugby Park, was acquired in the late 1960s.

Lindvart Park is a district park as it serves a wider community than solely Kaikohe, with many people travelling to Kaikohe from outlying areas to access sport and recreation facilities within the park.

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